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About Us

Welcome to Sporty Types, an online store establish in 2020 out of a passion for providing fitness apparel and accessories at prices everyone can afford. Most of us can live healthier lives by being physically active, and that is easier to do when it is affordable.

To ensure you get your personal fit, all of our clothing has individual size charts, in centimeters and inches. Please be sure to refer to the size charts before buying.

I don’t know about you, but I live in fitness clothing because it’s comfortable and practical. You could say it’s my second skin. I frequently workout at the gym, run, and swim. So, I need this gear to keep my moving.




Speaking of costing the earth, Sporty Types also donates a portion of its revenue to global reforestation projects. Planting more trees helps save the planet for our future generations and wildlife. Trees help clean the air that we breath, filter our drinking water, and provide habitats for terrestrial species. 



So, whether you’re new to fitness, or if it’s second nature to you, having the right clothing is important. So, whatever type of exercise you're into, have a look around the store and see what you like.


Happy Shopping!

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