Swimming Training Sessions - Sporty Types

Swimming Training Sessions

Beginner Level: Technique and Endurance

Freestyle Basics

  • Warm-up: 200 meters easy freestyle.
  • Drill: 4x50 meters freestyle, focusing on bilateral breathing (breathing every three strokes).
  • Main Set: 4x100 meters freestyle with a focus on maintaining proper technique.
  • Cool-down: 100 meters easy swim, mixing in some backstroke and breaststroke.


Building Endurance

  • Warm-up: 300 meters alternating between freestyle and backstroke.
  • Main Set: 4x200 meters freestyle, increasing your pace slightly with each set.
  • Kick Set: 4x50 meters kick (using a kickboard) focusing on strong leg kicks.
  • Cool-down: 100 meters easy swim using any stroke.

     Swimming - Sporty Types


    Intermediate Level: Speed and Stamina

    Speed Development

    • Warm-up: 300 meters mixed strokes at an easy pace.
    • Sprint Set: 8x50 meters freestyle sprints with 20-30 seconds rest in between.
    • Technique Focus: 4x100 meters IM (Individual Medley) focusing on perfecting turns and transitions.
    • Endurance Set: 4x200 meters freestyle at a moderate pace.
    • Cool-down: 200 meters easy swim.


    Stamina and Speed Endurance

    • Warm-up: 400 meters alternating between freestyle and backstroke.
    • Pyramid Set: 100-200-300-400-300-200-100 meters freestyle with 15 seconds rest between each distance (increase pace as distance decreases).
    • Kick Set: 6x75 meters kick (25m each: butterfly, backstroke, freestyle) with a kickboard.
    • Cool-down: 200 meters easy swim using any stroke.

       Swimming Speed - Sporty Types


      Advanced Level: Performance and Race Preparation

      Race Pace Training

      • Warm-up: 400 meters mixed strokes, gradually building intensity.
      • Race Simulation: 4x100 meters freestyle at race pace with 1-2 minutes rest.
      • Stroke Set: 4x100 meters IM at a strong pace.
      • Endurance Set: 3x400 meters freestyle descending (faster each set) with 30 seconds rest.
      • Cool-down: 300 meters easy swim.


      Threshold Training

      • Warm-up: 400 meters alternating between freestyle and backstroke.
      • Threshold Set: 5x200 meters freestyle at slightly faster than race pace, with 20 seconds rest.
      • Descending Set: 3x300 meters freestyle, each one faster than the previous, with 30 seconds rest.
      • Pull Set: 4x100 meters pull (no kicking, with a pull buoy) at a strong pace.
      • Cool-down: 200 meters easy swim.

        Swimming Threshold Training - Sporty Types

          Remember, the intensity and volume of training should be adjusted based on your fitness level and goals. It's also important to include proper warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretches to prevent injuries. Always listen to your body, and if you're new to swimming or intense training, consider consulting a coach or medical professional before starting a rigorous program.

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